Nippon Budokan, January 12 2015 — Nippon Budo Kyogikai[1] (Japan Budo Association) awarded Endo Shihan as Person of Merit in Budo[2] for 2014 for his longtime contribution and designation in the field of Budo, and gave a certificate of merit and a medal at the ceremony.
This report and article about the award and the ceremony is expected to be on monthly magazine “Gekkan Budo”.
And also we are going to hold a celebration and inform the details as soon as possible.

[1] Nippon Budo Kyogikai

Consisting of 10 federations of martial arts, the association aims to have rapport between federations, and to promote Judo, Kyudo, Kendo, Sumo, Karatedo, Aikido, Shorinji Kempo, Naginata, Jyu-kendo for the upbringing of the young, and to contribute to world peace.
(‘Nippon Budo Kyogikai‘ “Nippon Budokan” Accessed January 12, 2015)

[2] Person of Merit in Budo

The highest recognition in Budo awarded from Nippon Budo Kyogikai to a person who, by distinguished service, ability, or vision has contributed to the development of Budo.
(‘Budo Kourousya Hyosyo‘ “Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.” Accessed January 12, 2015)