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About teaching and learning ~Miranda Saarentaus~

Since my first aikido teacher moved back to Japan in 1987 and stopped practising aikido, I searched for a teacher for several years. I met many great teachers, but none of them really deeply touched me. The reason why Endo Shihan made such a strong impression on me in 1992 in Kerava, Finland, was the way he used contact with his partner, the way he guided energy with such ease – his partner hardly noticed what was happening. It felt like my aikido-life was just about to begin… Continue reading

Discerning the Line Between Self and Ego ~Ariga Kaname~

When I began aikido at age 15 and heard from Endo shihan that it was the path of

self-development and self-realization, I have been thinking on what exactly the self is. In recent years, I had been thinking on this so hard that I realized I have lost flexibility, leading me to become preoccupied with it even more.

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My Budo Perspective ~Tanaka Toshiyuki~

This August, at the Saku camp, I was put in charge of a practice session, which was a very valuable experience that allowed me to make some new discoveries.

During my session, I touched on several keywords.

First, I brought up ‘shinken’ (seriousness). In addition to the meaning of the word, “seriousness”, it also has the meaning of, “real sword”, or “live blade”. It is my thinking that truly joyful and pleasant practice comes from ‘shinken’ practice, practice that is without any lies, like a blade that can cut. ‘Shinken’ does not mean stern, rigid, or harsh. Perhaps “honest” or “accurate” would be similar words.

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A single feather ~Watanabe Seiji~

First of all, I would like to thank Endo shihan as well as all the participants for the opportunity to lead a class at the Saku Summer Camp. I feel that I have received an opportunity to truly see how hard it is to teach, how hard it is to convey something to people, and to re-examine myself.

In this practice session, I put forth what Endo shihan usually teaches us but in the frame of tai chi chuan.


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In Review of Instructing at the 2015 Summer Camp ~Oiwa Ryota~

“That place under the blade that is being swung is hell. Take one step forward and it is heaven.” – Miyamoto Musashi

This means that the place that is safe is right in front of one’s eyes. When you think of the opponent’s hand as a blade, this is easy to understand. It means there is no escape, no place to go other than to close the space with the opponent.

In Yamaguchi Seigo’s posthumous manuscripts, it is written, “In that place where you will be cut, there is a place where you will not be cut” (O-sensei’s words?). I think that this is saying the same thing.

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