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In Review of Leading Practice at the Summer Camp ~Fukumori Kazutaka~

The idea that I presented in my practice session, to practice while standing on one foot, came from something Endo sensei said about four years ago: “Aren’t you doing aikido so that you can just be there?” “Just be there” – to be as you always are, no matter what the circumstance. This is heijoshin (usual state of mind) and shizentai (standing without any stance or preparedness). How to realize a practice where anyone can realize this? How to realize this without using any strength, without forcing anything?

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On the occasion of Summer Camp

On this occasion, for the first time, trial basis, I had some of the younger generation lead half of the 2-hour practice sessions. These younger people were my deshi. Although they have been pursuing me over the years, I do not know what or how they experience nor how they are trying to express these things. At the very least, I believe that they are not simply imitating me but, despite imitating, feeling something for themselves, finding direction in their own respective practice, and developing themselves.

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