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Nagano Affiliate – Nagano Aikidokai

Chino Aikidokai has been organized in 2005.

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Chikuma Affiliate – Chikuma Aikidokai

  • Schedule
Wed. 19:30 – 21:00
Fri. 19:30 – 21:00

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Chino Affiliate – Chino Aikidokai

Chino Aikidokai has been organized in 2001 by volunteers around Chino city.

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Saku Affiliate – Saku Aikidokai

Saku Aikidokai has been organized June 1990 by Endo Seishiro shihan and his friends in his birthplace, Saku, and reached its tenth anniversary in 2000. During the decade, members of all ages, men and women get together to practice Aikido day after day, endeavoring to imrove themselves in Aikido. Their everyday activities along with the annual Saku Aikido Embukai (demonstration) they hold has shown their progress to the local people and made Aikido well-known. Saku Aikidokai, supporting Saku Dojo and hosting various training seminars and camps, has established a good and deep friendship with people from all over Japan and foreign countries as well.

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